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The Fund’s programs help to create an “age-friendly New York,” thereby making it possible for older adults to achieve an enriched, healthier and more vibrant quality of life.

To accomplish this goal, we need your help. Your financial support–as an individual, foundation or corporation–will help to ensure the wellbeing of those seniors for whom care is provided today, and those who require it in the future.

All gifts add value, and if desired, may be made in honor of or in memory of a loved one, or in the case of a company, a specific interest. A significant way to contribute to the Fund’s ongoing programming efforts is through planned giving with bequests that can be designed to meet your estate planning goals. The Fund assures that all contributions will support purposes that are consistent with the donor’s philanthropic vision.

The Aging in New York Fund welcomes your comments, interest and support of its various initiatives to help ensure the well-being of older adults and their families as they enjoy the best quality of life in age friendly New York City.

We all want a better quality of life – thank you for donating.

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