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The Aging in New York Fund has set as one of its strategic priorities helping to improve the oral health of New York City’s older adults

Oral health is a fundamental element of healthy aging. It is important to recognize that it can impact general nutrition, mental health, physical health (functional abilities including chewing, swallowing, and digestion), self-image and social interaction. It has also proven to be an indicator of other serious medical conditions.

oral health initiative

Older adults are encouraged to regularly visit a dentist or dental hygienist. Despite these recommendations, many of New York City’s older adults do not regularly see a dental professional due to lack of access to care, inability to travel, limited financial resources or because it is not a cultural priority.

Looking ahead, the Aging in New York Fund will be working with local dental schools, community clinics, senior centers, and other community partners to help—through innovative programming—overcome these challenges.

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